D&AD Awards 2021

D&AD 2021

The One Show 2021

Cannes Lions 2020/2021

Role: Art Director
Client: Miller Lite
Agency: DDB Chicago

The stage was set for the Tom Brady Invitational, and Miller Lite was again boxed out of primetime ad space due to AB-Inbev’s draconian exclusivity deal with the NFL. Naturally, we created a website with an incredibly long URL that burned a calorie, gave away free beer, and also distracted everyone from Michelob Ultra's ad, whatever it was (didn't see it because I was busy typing the URL). Also, we announced it in a print ad in the New York Times so no one could copy and paste. Seriously, we thought of everything, and Mich Ultra was mad about it. I think. Probably. No one really paid attention to them.
CD: Evan Schultz, Ale Juli
ACD: Paul Carpenter, Guiga Cunha